Idea Overload

I'm sure all creatives feel like this at least some of the time.

I have periods of such intense idea generation that it's pretty overwhelming, some things I just have to make, even if it's just to get them 'out of my head'. Of course there are other times when I feel like I'm in an idea graveyard and even if I have ideas I feel kind of meh about them.

So this boom bust cycle is pretty normal for me.

I have to be a little careful not over reach or over commit when I'm on fire with creativity and when I'm a bit burnt out I try to remember to rest and not give myself a hard time.

I'm very grateful and lucky that Mad March Moon has changed my life and allowed me to earn my keep doing things I love.

Thank you for coming with me on that journey, your interest means so much, and although what I make and have on offer will change over time I hope I see you often here at Mad March Moon


Sarah xx

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