Shop Closed for Workshop rebuild

Well time has come to take a step out and rework the workshop, it's been in one configuration for 3 years and as time has progressed it's become more chaotic and I'm like a caddis fly in the middle.

So everything needs to come out, the room be cleaned top to bottom and then new storage and work surfaces will need to go back in.

This is a mammoth job, and will probably take far longer than expected but it just has to be done, will hopefully mean I can get orders out the door quicker and spend more time making new things :D I also hope that clearing this actual clutter will clear my head and allow me to develop better working practices in the delusional pursuit of a work life balance lol.
I would add a photo of the current mess but no one needs to see that!
Be back online some point in June, can't be more specific as depends on my energy levels and they are hard to predict.
Sarah xx

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  • Can you tell me when you are able to commence work,asl have an order l would like as soon as possible.

    Thankyou from Doreen

    Doreen Pyatt

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